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Melbourne's specialist damp remediation and mould removal company

Cleaning & Restoration is the home of one of Melbourne's most professional cleaning firms. Covering a diverse range of cleaning activities, we are experts in each of our respective fields and act on behalf of insurance companies, private firms and individuals throughout Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Some of our businesses are restricted to our home state of Vioctoria, whilst others are operational Australia wide. They deal with animal intrusion (which specialises in removing animals from a roof or crawl space and cleaning up after they have gone) duct repairs and cleaning, roof cavity cleaning and insulation installation, damp remediation, carpet cleaning, mould remediation and flood and fire restoration.

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1. Animal Intrusion - is a leading expert in animal intrusion and the removal of possums, rats and birds from roof cavities and also underfloor crawl spaces. Not only can we remove the animals but we can clean up the mess the trapped animal makes - and often the restoration of the roof cavity or the underfloor crawl space is covered by the household insurance.













2. Duct Repairs- repairs Melbourne
Duct repairs specialises in the repair of ducted heating systems. We also clean ducts. We repair ducted system after damage caused by animal intrusion, flood or fire and, most commonly, by tradespeople...learn more...











3. Roof cavity cleaning -
Insulation and Dust Removal is a specialist cleaner and restorer of roof cavities. We work with several ofinsulation and dust removal Melbourne Melbourne's largest private schools and corporations and restore heritage listed buildings as well as more modern building and domestic properties across Victoria and NSW. We remove old insulation, clean up and remove old slate, tin, tiles etc.

Often we are called in following a crisis like a flood or fire or animal intrusion...learn more.








4. Damp remediation -
We remove chewing gum from footpaths, forecourts, garages, wherever there is largeDamp remediation Melbourne amounts of gum on pavements..learn more...














5. Carpet Cleaning -
We clean carpets (domestic and commercial using truck mounted carpet cleaningĖ†carpet cleaning Melbourne machines, upholstery, curtains and internal floor and wall tiles using high pressure and high temperature and the results are amazing...learn more.













6. Flood & Fire restoration -
We restore flood or fire damaged properties across Victoria 24 hours a day 7 days a week...learn more.












7. Mould remediation -

We offer expert mould remediation services across Victoria including repairing andMould remediation Melbourne eliminating the source of moisture which has caused the mould issue in the first place including getting rid of condensation...learn more.


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